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If You’ve Been Arrested for DUI in Idaho, Your Attorney's Experience Matters


Cody Long has been a criminal defense attorney for over 17 years, with a primary focus on Driving Under the Influence cases. Over the years, prosecutors and judges have become increasingly tough on DUI offenders. No longer can you expect a slap on a wrist for a DUI, especially if you've had a DUI in the past. Because of the more punitive approach towards DUIs, having an experienced DUI attorney like Cody Long on your side is critical to minimizing the penalties you may be facing.

Mandatory Jail Time

For an excessive DUI (BAC over 0.20) or a second offense DUI, Idaho law requires a minimum of ten days in jail, plus other penalties. In felony cases, the mandatory jail time is even longer.

Criminal Penalties for DUI in Idaho

The following is a non-exhaustive summary of the criminal penalties you face in addition to the penalties in the civil case:

CHARGE                              JAIL TIME              PROBATION          FINE          LICENSE SUSPENSION

First-Time DUI                        180 Days                       2 Years               $1,000                     180 Days                       

First-time “Excessive”       

(0.20 or Above)                  10 days to 1 year                2 Years                $2,000                    1 Year                            

Second DUI in 10 Years     10 days to 1 year                2 Years                $2,000                    1 Year                            

Second “Excessive”

DUI in 5 Years                    30 days - 5 Years                5 Years               $5,000                     5 Years                          

Third DUI (Felony) in

10 Years                              30 days -10 Years              10 Years              $5,000                     5 Years                           

Aggravated DUI                       15 Years                         TBD                  $5,000                     5 Years                           

Idaho law requires an ignition interlock for any driver convicted of a DUI.

As you can see, the penalties for DUI in Idaho are significant, even for a first offense. The prosecutor is already preparing his case against you. You need a knowledgeable DUI attorney like Cody Long on your side as soon as possible to adequately prepare your case.

Bear in mind, not every attorney knows how to properly handle DUI cases. They are complex in the law and in the scientific nature of the evidence. Again, your attorney's experience matters. 

Mr. Long will analyze your case and devise a specific plan for you. You will both work together to decide whether the best course of action is to go to trial or make the best of a bad situation and work out a plea deal with the prosecutor.

Civil Penalties—You Only Have Seven Days to Take Action

The Idaho Transportation Department will automatically suspend your driver’s license if you failed the breath test during a DUI stop. If you refused the breath test, the penalties are much worse and the prosecutor will seek a fine and a court order banning you from driving for one year. These are considered “civil proceedings” (as opposed to criminal proceedings). If you want to fight the automatic suspension, you must begin the process within seven days of your driving under the influence arrest. The following summarizes the license suspension penalties in an Idaho DUI civil case:

  • First-time DUI (failed test): 90-day suspension

  • First-time DUI (refused to take test): 1-year suspension and $250 fine

  • Second DUI in five years/Second failed test in five years: 1-year suspension

  • Second DUI in 10 years/Second test refusal in 10 years: 2-year suspension and $250 fine

  • Ignition Interlock is required for one year if you fail an evidentiary test

Call Long Law Office, PLLC to Get Started Right Away

For more than 17 years, attorney Cody Long has been helping people defend their cases against even the toughest criminal prosecutors. His extensive knowledge about DUI law, procedures, and investigations gives him an advantage in the courtroom, something that has proven very effective for achieving the best outcomes. If you’ve been arrested for DUI in Idaho, call Cody Long at Long Law Office right away at (208) 287-3303.

The consultation is free.

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