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Boise DUI Attorney Cody Long of Long Law Office, PLLC



Experience Matters:

18+ Years Representing Clients in

Idaho Courts

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My name is Cody Long. If you're on this page, it's probably because you've been charged with a DUI. You've come to the right place. I primarily focus on DUI defense and I am good at what I do.


You Should Hire Me And Here’s Why: Experience Matters

I have been a trial attorney for over 18 years and have won awards recognizing my skills and abilities, year after year. National Trial Lawyers continues to recognize me as having the knowledge, skill, and experience held by only the best and finest lawyers in America. AIDA consistently ranks me in the top ten for client satisfaction.

The DUI deck is stacked against you and DUI laws are not written in your favor. You're facing real legal consequences. The cold hard truth is this: prosecutors and judges are tougher than ever on DUIs. In the types of cases that would have resulted in community service just a few years ago, people are now going to jail.


First Offense DUI

Second Offense DUI

Excessive DUI

Third Offense (Felony) DUI

Prosecutors and judges take DUIs seriously, so I’ll take your case seriously. Sure, I can tell you what you want to hear, but I'd rather tell you the truth. If it's sunshine and roses, great. If it's not, I'll tell you and then we’ll put a plan together to get you through this.

What does my experience mean? It means that I know the law, the judges, and the prosecutors and can tell you what to expect and prepare you for court. I’ll put my experience to work for you to make the best of a bad situation, whether through plea bargaining or taking your case to trial.

You Must Act Quickly

The prosecutor is already preparing the case against you and you only have seven days from your Notice of Suspension or refusal date to challenge your automatic license suspension. 

Call me to level the playing field. Your first consultation is free. If I’m available, my assistant will transfer you to me, wherever I am. If I’m not available, I’ll call you back as soon as possible. If you want to meet in person, please let my assistant know.

One last thing, I'm not just a Boise DUI Lawyer. I'm a Nampa DUI Lawyer. I'm a Meridian DUI Lawyer. I'm an Idaho City DUI Lawyer. I'm a McCall DUI Lawyer. I'm an Eagle DUI Lawyer. If you're facing DUI charges anywhere in southwest Idaho, I should be your DUI lawyer.

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