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Caring Personal Injury Attorney Protecting Victims of Auto Accidents and Other Injuries in Boise, Idaho


This may come as no surprise to most, but insurance companies want to screw you over. They get richer by denying or lowballing legitimate claims from victims just like you. What do you do when this happens to you? Hire a skilled Idaho injury lawyer to help, of course. Long Law Office, PLLC is proficient at taking on even the largest insurance companies to fight for the rights of victims throughout Idaho.


Years ago, CNN reported on the dirty tricks that insurance companies play with injured people. In the years since, nothing has changed. According to CNN, “Allstate and others bet you’ll take what they offer and walk away. It’s right in the training manuals we obtained from Allstate: force ‘smaller walk-away settlements.'” Insurance companies are “betting you won’t wait, you won’t sue and you’ll take what you get and walk-away … Accident victims have been walking away from billions of dollars that insurers now keep for themselves.” (Click here to read the full article.)


Insurance adjusters often try to settle personal injury claims out of the gate quickly with small offers. This tactic is used to get claims resolved before other, more serious injuries are discovered and before a skilled personal injury attorney is hired. If you refuse this initial offer, then, as reported by CNN, insurance adjusters for 10 of the top 12 insurance companies will follow the “three Ds:” (1) Delay handling your claim, (2) Deny you were injured, and (3) Defend against you in court.


The Insurance Adjuster is Not Your Friend in a Personal Injury Case

The insurance adjuster’s job is to pay as little as possible on your claim. He does not care about you. He does not care about the impact this accident has had on your life. He only cares about the bottom line. As far as he’s concerned, you’re the bad guy, and he is out to fight you every step of the way. The adjuster may seem nice on the phone, but he is NOT looking out for your best interests.

Until you settle your personal injury claim, you are ultimately responsible for your medical bills. The person who hurt you does not have to pay your medical bills as they come in. He can go on with his life while you deal with your injuries, your financial pressures and the insurance claims process.


Time is on the insurance adjuster’s side. It costs him nothing to delay the process. But stress and financial pressure may very well motivate you to settle for less than you deserve. And if you wait too long, the statute of limitations will pass (Idaho’s statute of limitation is two years from the date of the incident), and you will never be able to collect on your claim. Again, time is on the adjuster’s side. You need a knowledgeable Idaho personal injury lawyer on your side.


Idaho Auto Accidents

Being involved in a car accident can be scary, traumatizing and devastating, both physically and financially. When you’re injured, medical bills and expenses accumulated due to lack of work will pile up, and unfortunately the insurance companies aren’t in business to help you get back on your feet.


This is where hiring a competent Idaho injury lawyer comes into play. A good attorney will work on your behalf to get you the money you need to pay your bills, and the compensation you deserve to get your life back on track. Attorney Cody Long of Long Law Office, PLLC has extensive experience helping Boise victims just like you fight the insurance companies and receive every penny to which they’re entitled. If you’ve been seriously hurt in a car accident anywhere in Ada County, call Mr. Long right away.


Statute of Limitations in Idaho

Every state imposes what’s known as a “statute of limitations” for filing a personal injury claim. Idaho’s statute of limitations is two years from the date of the car accident for filing a personal injury lawsuit. This means you have two years from the time of the accident to initiate a lawsuit if you’re injured as a result of the incident. This doesn’t mean, however, that you can wait around for two years and expect to get everything you need. Time is on the insurance adjuster’s side and they’re going to do whatever it takes to try and force you to settle for less than you deserve, leaving you high and dry when it comes to medical expenses and other bills.


When Should I File An Auto Injury Lawsuit?

It’s in your best interest to retain a good Idaho injury lawyer as soon as possible following your accident to discuss your legal options. While you may not show signs of serious injury right away, related medical issues may crop up at any time and affect you for years to come. If you’ve been involved in an auto accident in Boise or anywhere in Ada County, call Long Law Office, PLLC for a free initial consultation about your situation.


Idaho Comparative Fault

Your claim and lawsuit for an injury in Idaho is partially dependent upon how much at fault you were for the accident, if you were at all. This is known as “comparative fault.” In Idaho, if the courts decide that you were more than 50 percent at fault for the accident, you will not be allowed to collect damages for the incident. Less than that, however, and you may collect damages proportional to your percentage of liability in the accident.


For example, let’s say the courts decide all damages (medical bills, property damage, damage to the vehicle, etc.) add up to $10,000. However, the jury decides that you were 20 percent at fault for the accident (say, you were speeding), so the court orders that your damages will be reduced by 20 percent, allowing you a maximum collection of $8,000 in damages.

This may seem confusing, but it can be quite simple. When you consult Long Law Office, PLLC, our dedicated Idaho injury lawyer will sit down with you and go through the details of your individual case so you can get an idea of what to expect moving forward. Don’t let the insurance companies take advantage of you—call an injury attorney right away.


Stand Up For Your Rights

The insurance industry considers personal injury claims to be frivolous. Don’t be fooled—there is nothing frivolous about making the person responsible for your injury and his insurance company do the right thing. It’s called standing up for your rights. Under Idaho law, you have the right to be compensated for your medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, property damage and the loss of use of your vehicle.

At Long Law Office, PLLC, personal injury attorney Cody Long will deal with the insurance adjusters for you. We will make sure that you are treated fairly and will fight for the compensation you deserve. Please contact us right away so that we can level the playing field for you. Your initial consultation is free, and in personal injury cases we only get paid when we get money for you.


Let Long Law Office, PLLC handle the insurance companies following your auto accident or other injury incident. Call (208) 287-3303 to speak with a competent and caring Boise personal injury lawyer today.


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