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Client Review

A client recently wrote the following review of my services:

I am not sure I will have the words to properly thank and praise Cody Long for the work he did for me. I found him because of this site, and, honestly, it was another review that made me pick him. Like a previous reviewer, I’m from Texas, I have no family here, and I unfortunately got my first (and last) DUI. I am vastly thankful I picked Cody. He and his services were invaluable to me throughout the entire process.

Cody immediately dove in to helping me. He went over the basic overall process with me, was with me every step of the way, and more importantly made me feel very, very comfortable. Even though Cody acted in an absolute professional manner, he also made himself feel like a friend and confidant. I never once doubted he had my best interests in mind, nor did I ever doubt he would do everything possible for me. Communication with Cody was top notch. If I had a question, I had an answer in surprisingly fast time, and everything was explained to me clearly and concisely. He also made sure I knew his door was always open to me.

Another reason I chose Cody was because he did not come off “shark-like.” Please do not interpret that as him not being aggressive. He can be most aggressive when the time/circumstance calls for it, he has a fantastic sense for what is true and right, will fight for that, and that was all clearly evident at my first court appearance. However, in my case, I knew I did wrong. All I wanted was to make things right in the most fair way possible. Cody ensured that happened and then some. Given my circumstances my deal could not have been better.

If you choose to go with Cody Long, and I’d argue that you should, listen to the man. He will not steer you wrong. I followed his advice exactly, did all he asked of me, and it was clear his recommendations and advice were given for a reason. He is wise, helpful, and he genuinely cares.



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